Applying Anti-Climb Paint on Your Outer Wall

Securing house can be done by many ways, from installing the most high tech home security system such as surveillance camera, motion detector, or use the physical one like having a guard dog or installing high fence. But if you want to guard your house while making it more beautiful at the same time, you can try to apply anti-climb paint on your outer wall or fences.

anti climb paint  300x290 Applying Anti Climb Paint on Your Outer Wall

The main advantages of this anti-climb paint is it has non-drying effect which makes anyone who tried to climb the object painted with this paint will have paint all over their hand and clothes which makes them easier to identified later. Another good thing is this paint very slippery so it would be near to impossible to climb the wall or fences painted with anti-climb paint.

The secrets of those advantages are this paint contains non-dying oil in order to keep surfaces greasy so it won’t be able to be climbed. Anti-climb paint can also last on either weather, whether it’s in hot or cold weather conditions and having about 3 years lifespan.

Mostly, anti-climb paint is applied on schools, factory, town halls, and other important place where people tend to climb it just for having fun or have real harm intention.

Even so the anti-climb paint is very useful, there are a couple of rules need to be followed regarding this paint. First rule is you have to apply anti-climb paint above a height of 2.4m off the ground to protect general public. Another rule is you have to put a clear and easy to read sign mentioning that anti-climb paint is applied on the surface.


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