Basic Things to Know about Planting Trees on Your Yard

front yard tree 300x225 Basic Things to Know about Planting Trees on Your YardFor nature lovers, having tree or plants planted at the front or back yard is a must. Besides its beauty, planting trees and plants can also helps to get fresher air on our house, inside and outside. But if you think that planting trees is just as simply as dig a hole, plant the tree and  watering it every day, then you should read the following article.

The following are the basic things of planting tree and plants on your yard.

  1. Plant on proper time; Fall or early spring are considered as the best time to plant trees as the soil and temperature are best.
  2. Soil preparation; you can plant the trees on the pot or straight on the yard, either way, the soil must be deep enough to gives enough mineral and nutrition for the root.
  3. Tree preparation; never let the root of the tree you are planning to plant exposed on the air in long time because it can get dried up and no longer can be planted.
  4. Compost usage; besides water, tree also needs compost to grow properly. At the first planting, you shouldn’t use too many compost or too little. Three quarters of the hole you prepared should enough.
  5. Regular watering; everybody know the importance of water for plants, so watering your tree regularly can give the trees enough nutrition to grow. For first time planting, you should water it twice, at the first the tree been planted and one hour after.

That is all basic things you need to know while planting trees or plant or your yard. Trees and plant mostly last for years if you maintain it properly so it’s good investment for your yard.


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