Things to Know before Refinishing Hardwood Floor

While using a hardwood floors on your house, it will need a couple of maintenance some times in order to restore the luster. And to achieve that, refinishing hardwood is one of a way. But refinishing hardwood is not quite easy as not all hardwood flooring is created equal. And here are some things you need to consider before refinishing your hardwood floor.refinishing wood floor 300x211 Things to Know before Refinishing Hardwood Floor

The first one is you need to know what kind of finish your current floor is. This is important as there are many types of floor finishing substances, such as natural varnishes, lacquers, shellac, wax that blended with oil, drying oils, or the most popular finish, a synthetic resin called Polyurethane.

By knowing the substances that used to finish your floor in the past, you will be able to know how to remove it and reapply same or different finishing.

Another important thing to consider is you should decide what will your hardwood floors looks like after refinishing. Is it will be similar with the old one or definitely different? If you want the similar looks, just use the similar substance for refinishes your hardwood, and vice versa.



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