Build a Low Maintenance Landscape

land 3 300x225 Build a Low Maintenance LandscapeLandscape can added a lot of luxury as well as livingness of your home. But due to some of landscape settings required high maintenance, most people leave this scope of area untouched. Actually, owning an attractive landscape with minimal maintenance is possible. Read the following article to find out more.

To build a low maintenance landscape, the first thing you can try is to increase the amount of hardscape, including patios, pavers, walkways, retaining walls, gravel, stones, boulders, etc. This hardscapes mostly needs minimum and events no maintenance at all.

Plant is a must on a landscape, so you can build a landscape without it, but it also one of the aspects of landscape that requires lot of maintenance. So, finding the right type of plants is really important at the beginning of building a landscape. Find the plant that has bright color, draught tolerant, or ground covers plant. Those types of plant are really suitable to put on a low maintenance landscape, some example of the plants are Sedum Autumn Joy, Moonbeam Coreopsis, Black-eyed Susan, Liatris, Tall Switchgrass, Feather Reed Grass, American Cranberry Viburnum, Butterfly Bush, Creeping Mazus, Bearberry, and Creeping Phlox.

Even though you are able to build a landscape with minimal maintenance efforts, it doesn’t mean you don’t have to maintain it at all. If by some time you really can’t touch your landscape at all, hiring a professional landscaper to handle your landscape might be the best idea.


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