Building a Gazebo in the Backyard

Now here is the case, you already had a water fountain as well as pond and nicely maintained garden on your backyard. But you can’t enjoy the most of it from the patio at the back side of your house, what should you do? Building a Gazebo would be a nice idea to try.

Gazebo 300x198 Building a Gazebo in the Backyard

To get a gazebo at your house, you have two choices, which are you can purchase a prebuilt gazebo or build it by yourself. The first choice would cost too much money as well as the design might not suit your taste. Not to mention that there might be some accessory you want from your gazebo isn’t there. So building the gazebo by yourself seems to become an interesting idea.

But it’s not really mean that you have to build it by your own hand. You just need to make the concept, as well as the design and let the professional make it for you. This way, you can get your dreamed gazebo on your backyard.

There are few things to consider while designing the gazebo;

  1. The size of gazebo you want to build must be fit with the available space of your backyard, especially if you already have water feature installed
  2. The material you will use for gazebo. So far, Cheddar wood is the best material you can use, but the price is pretty expensive so you might want to consider other woods.
  3. Choose the furniture and accessory of the gazebo since the beginning so you can count all the needed cost to build your gazebo including the hired fee.


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