Ceiling Decoration Ideas

fabric ceiling decoration 242x300 Ceiling Decoration IdeasThe ceiling of the house mostly comes as they are. No further decoration has been done to the ceiling except when there some event such as wedding or party. Why don’t you try to decorate your ceiling even where there are no special occasions? You can use fabric ceiling decoration to your room.

Fabric ceiling decorations can add theatrical element as well as elegant style to your ceiling. Using fabric ceiling decorations is all about combination of color of fabric and the way you form the fabric to create a wonderful ceiling decoration.

For wedding party of circus that has dynamic ceiling, you just need to add a little addition. But most of the homes ceiling are flat so you need to add a texture on it with the fabric ceiling decorations. Adding some three dimensional stripes or pattern can make a big difference to your room’s ceiling.

Then, if you add some light fixtures on it, it will be perfect as lighting also has a great impact on ceiling decorations. You can project the light upwards to make the space of room looks bigger. Or if you use a hanging light, you can make your rooms far cozier than before. Usage of the dim light is also good idea. So, don’t leave your ceiling as it is as you can add decoration on it and makes your house different.




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  1. Where can I find the “how-to” on this fabric ceilding idea?

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