Choosing Appliances for Small Kitchens

Kitchen appliances is a must have thing in the kitchen. And it can comes in various type based on the functions of those electronic gadget for kitchen. While having a large kitchen, you don’t need to worry which appliances you should buy and you shouldn’t, but if your kitchen has limited space, choosing the most important kitchen appliance becomes very important.

The first and most important appliance should be a stove, but it is better to choose a single burner stove to save more space. The down side of choosing a single burner stove is certainly you can’t cook two different meals at the same time. But if you really need more than one burner on a stove, try to purchase electric stove as it requires no gas thus will saves more space for the extra burner.

Oven is another appliance you need, especially for you who love to bake cake as well as mixer. But if you don’t like to bake cake, you can skip oven and mixer and buy a microwave instead. Microwave has various functions and it surely will come handy someday.

Breakfast maker also important as it can saves time in the busy morning. Coffee maker, waffle maker, bread toaster is the example of breakfast maker appliances; choose the one that you will use often.

Hopefully, by choosing the appliance carefully, you can save enough space on your small kitchen for other things such as refrigerator or dining table and chair.

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