What To Do if You Experiencing a Gas Leak

Many people are using natural gases in their homes for cooking process as they are combustible which cook food very well. Natural gases appliance also more affordable than electricity powered kitchen appliance. But the usage of natural gases can also extremely dangerous, so it’s like using the double-edge knife. If you use it properly, then you can take many advantages from it, and vice versa.

Gases usually come inside of a tank, which absolutely possible to leak eventually. If this happens, not only your home, but your life will also in danger. So it makes very important to know how to detect gas leak as soon as it happen to prevent any unnecessary risk.

The first thing you should aware of gas leak is it smell. Even though naturally gas is odorless and colorless, the gas company added some ingredients to make the gas smell for safety purpose.

Once you are positive that you are experiencing a gas leak, do not panic. Find out what’s wrong by seeing carefully to the gas and all installment of it. It is probably just the loose valve or cap that can be solved immediately.

But if you can’t found what is wrong with your installment, immediately plug off all installments to the gas tank and bring the tank outside. It is better to turn off all your electricity and don’t light a fire, even it’s only a small one until you can’t smell the gas anymore.

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