how to choose the right tiles for your bathroom

index4 150x150 how to choose the right tiles for your bathroomBathroom Tiles to make a comeback, tiling is more popular than ever, you just need to go to any city and look for the number of tiling superstores open. Market should grow over 15 percent in 2011 and it is not surprising when you consider the options available to consumers. The trend is definitely bigger and bigger the tile, it is partly motivated by the fact that their manufacture is possible and that adhesives are available to follow the wall (by weight of these tiles can be a serious problem) .

Increasingly large tiles are used more contemporary bathrooms are often the strips of glass used in the horizontal and vertical limits. Also a strong tendency to create a decorative light panels and feature walls and metal mosaics incredibly bright colors, lots of glass. ceramic floor tiles hidden stone, slate or even wood. It is now possible to purchase a mosaic collections such as the brightness of glass, scratched glass, and even real metal. Mosaic is increasingly popular in bathrooms, wet rooms, kitchens and modern, open living space. Demand for strong design statements in the background is a swing out of minimalism in the glamorous, luxury and design shows the fashion, textile and seinavuorausmallia.

The growth of large panels and demand even higher still, the tradition of the United Nations continues to grow. We can assume that retailers should be reassessed tile tile racks, and how the tiles are displayed and can accommodate larger tiles stored and packages. Trends in size, color, texture and design within the tile on the market move faster than ever growing demand for new ideas is highly coveted, all areas of architectural design of application-oriented on the consumer.

Recent studies in the market for bathroom equipment, says the market should grow annually over the next five years, overall growth has accounted for more than 26 percent above the age of the place of the next two years should grow by 3 percent. Overall, this means that even if the tile market continues to grow that money spent on the bathroom tiles is much larger than the entry age of an additional meter on the walls. We have more money to the tiles.

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