Ideas to ‘Go Green’ on the House

rooftop solar panels 300x201 Ideas to Go Green on the HouseImplementing green lifestyle to helps preserve the earth not only can be done by planting a lot of trees on the front yard and back yard, but also can be done inside the house. And here is some things you can do to ‘go green’ inside your house.

  • Using ‘green’ electronics

Recently, there are many green appliances that uses more efficient energy than the conventional ones, including monitors, televisions, refrigerators, washing machines, LED lamps and more. Mostly those green appliances use 20%-30% less energy.

  • Maximizing the windows and curtains

Position of windows and curtains in a way will allow you to get maximum natural sun light during day. This surely makes you don’t need to turn on the light at broad day. Besides sun light, you can also better air circulations that makes your house feels fresher.

  • Using Solar Panel Rooftops

Water heating and lighting need a lot of energy, but you can settle it with installing solar panels on your rooftops. The energy emitted by sun will be stored on the solar panel storage and can be used as energy to heating water or lighting purpose.

  • Use Healthier paints

This idea might be very suitable for you who just want to build new house or redesigning an old one. Right now, there are a lot of paint products which contains zero or low VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) to preserve air quality on the indoor. As information, paint with high level VOC can release smog-forming chemicals into the air and also releasing low level toxic emission which absolutely dangerous.


Hopefully those ideas of living green on your house can help prevents global warming and also makes your house healthier.


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