Maintaining Your Lawn

Having a green wide lawn would be very nice, but it certainly comes with a special maintenance to maintain its beauty. Here are some things you can do to maintain your lawn, especially if you don’t hire anyone to maintain your lawn.

lawn 300x224 Maintaining Your Lawn

First of all, lawn are consists of a lot of grass, so you must taking care of the grass by fertilize it using some high quality fertilizer. Pour the fertilizer on the soil before planting the grass and do it regularly to keep your grass grow healthy don’t forget to also watering your lawn regularly .

Once the lawn is established, another problem will appear. And most of the problem is the wild weeds that grow between your grasses. That weed can absorb the nutrition of fertilizer and soil so that your grass doesn’t growth well, remove it is the way to keep your grass get the nutrition they need.

The next thing to do is to mow your lawn. Even though it’s unlike the weeds, but fancy grass can also grow too much if you don’t mow it regularly. Be careful though while mowing newly established lawn as it still easily pulled out of the ground.

So, remember this phrase “beautiful lawn doesn’t happen by itself”. So you have to maintain it to keep your lawn in its beautiful state.

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