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index 150x133 Outdoor   How to deal with outdoor furnitureOne of the most popular types of outdoor furniture is wicker furniture. He began to be popular in Victorian England and America, and now it comes to decorating style and other styles that are simple and straightforward. Many species of willow, you can buy today are copies of this time and it is certainly expensive. But care needs can take forever.

Wicker furniture can be a natural color, which is a protective coating, or it may come in different colors. Wicker is made of reeds and stems, which are relatively strong. The furniture should be cleaned every year, when he came out of storage for the winter. There are times, mold can grow on this path, but can be corrected in a bleach tablespoon in a quart of water. Take the toothbrush and dip the solution, then rub the dirt and wipe the furniture with a dry cloth.

Wicker can get out of storage just a little dust and dirt. If there is no mold, you can turn soap and water and sponge with clean water rinse and dry. Never spray with a hose, because the extra water rug wood frame and damage the furniture. Do not put any weight on a wet wicker furniture because it can stretch the canes and reeds, and when stretched they will never go back. If the furniture is a little dusty use the brush to your vacuum cleaner and run it over the furniture.

Direct sunlight can cause excess heat to your wicker furniture and cane because become dry and brittle. Wicker furniture should not be exposed to the elements, but they must be protected under one roof. Large amounts of water, it’s all good, and the string frame. Save indoors during the winter of wicker, which protects against moisture, cold and wind wicked. Cover with a tarp to keep it in top condition for the spring. You can save the willows in the basement or garage, but never keep it near the oven if it comes into contact with the heavy heat. Preheat willow Drys and can cause cracks.

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