Renovating your basement – need some inspiration?

When it comes to basement, we usually imagine there is a lot of unused space but in fact a basement can be a designer’s dream. Whether it is finished or not, a basement can be a place where you can let your imagination run wild, by spending a small amount of cash and a bit of extra time you can create something really special. In fact the basement we’ve seen many examples where the basement is turned into a bedroom, utility room or other useful space.Overview on Basement Renovation Renovating your basement   need some inspiration?

Of course the first step in any basement renovation is to make sure it is waterproof, which means that all water damages, cracks and leaks have been completely repaired. If you have an issue with dampness or water entering your basement, its best to get a professional in to fix it once and for all as these problems can haunt you for years to come after the renovation.

First, set your budget and as always allow for a contingency of around 20-30% as there can be unforeseen issues arise once the renovation starts. When you do the renovation you need to be careful that you don’t get carried away with the process and go beyond your budget. It can make a lot of difference to hire professional help if you do a basement renovation as a professional contractor can help you to choose a design plan that is cost effective and workable in your situation. In general, adding a basement after the property has been completed (otherwise known as retrofitting) is often a considerable amount of work and a costly exercise.

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