Painted Letters for Kids Bedroom

Children bedroom is definitely different with adult’s bedroom. It’s all different starting from style, size, furniture, and decoration. And one of the most famous children’s bedroom decorations these days is the painted letters.

Painted Letters 300x198 Painted Letters for Kids Bedroom

Using the painted letters, you can make it spell your children’s name or just put it randomly to help them learn about letters. On some painted letters, there are even mounting hardware so you don’t need to hang it over. But if they don’t come with one, try using a double tape for stick it on your kid’s room’s wall.

While buying the painted letters at store, it is best to take your children and let them choose the design and you can make sure that their design match with the kid’s room’s design as well. This thing also occurs if your child is still a baby.

Choosing painted letters doesn’t all about the design, but you also have to pay attention to its quality as it determines the durability of the decoration. Choose the painted letter that has a special coating in order to preserve the paint. Mostly, painted letters are made from wood, but there are also some made from plastic which costs lower.



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