Persian carpets have a rich history

images6 150x150 Persian carpets have a rich historyWhat is now known as Iraq and Iran are both part of what was once called Persia. The people of this region’s history and culture that is rich and long. One factor was an important part of this culture is Persian rugs. These rugs are actually some of the best ever created. Persian rugs are so valuable they were often copied and reproduced.

There are three categories and Persian rugs. The first type is known Kilim: These carpets are those who do nomadic rugs and antique rough or unfinished. The other two categories apply to all. The sizes are broken down into those that are smaller and larger than 6′x4 ‘.

It is believed that Persian rugs are made the beginning of time. Or, at least 3,000 years. The oldest current sample of Persian carpets have a carpet, which was discovered in 1949 in Siberia. This carpet is still intact in most cases were measured at 2500 years.

Discovered in 1949, this carpet is still in existence today. Given this finding, it was incorporated. The study of this carpet has allowed historians and scientists to determine methods to make a carpet that was used during this period. The book also offers the front window.

Limits this mats provide images that have been the norm at the moment. On the other side of the Persians on the back and the other contains images of deer. Although this carpet dates back to antiquity, it is not regarded as designated by the nomads.

It is believed that this belt is symbolic of thousands of identical carpets were handmade and rich and royal. There are other well known examples of these rugs. Court of Cyrus the Great of Persia was believed to have a lot of this style carpet.

Wool and silk became popular in the materials of Persian carpets, which are the 6th century. These materials and high quality carpet and is also more attractive. It is believed that the royal palaces, like the palace (ancient Iraq) Sasnian double rooms wool and silk Persian rugs.

Carpet that once lined the great halls of these palaces are to prepare excellent examples of ancient hand-woven carpets. Many rugs, which are present in the design of the machine, but the art of hand-woven Persian carpets have a long disappearance. Driving handwoven Persian carpets in Iran, or because they are generally known to make up much of the export activity conducted by Iran.

Contemporary handmade Persian carpets are very similar, as is the case for over 2500 years. Persian handmade carpets are some of the most popular in the world of interior design. Main Persian rugs offer a great statement at home and well heirloom items, if handled properly, can withstand more than 2500 years, about 130 generations.

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