Popular Themes for Kid’s Room

While designing and decorating kid’s room, you will find that kids have extremely different taste with adult. So it is better for you to consult to them for getting the most suitable theme for them. But if your child is too small to discuss or you want to make a surprise for them by decorating their room, then you met another problem. Well, here are some popular themes for kid’s room what will certainly liked by your kids.

princess theme bedroom 249x300 Popular Themes for Kids Room

The first one is fairytales theme. You can choose your own favorite fairytales character and theme when you were a kid. Of course, suit it with your children’s liking and never decorate your boy’s room with girly character and vice versa. Finding bedroom furniture that suit fairytales theme is not so hard either.

The second theme you can do is animals. This is the best you can do if you decorating for your future baby where you haven’t know the gender of your baby. Animals theme fit either for boy or girl’s room so you won’t have to worry changing the design after your baby is born.

Third theme is sports. It is certainly boys favorite, even some men also still likes to decorate their room with their favorite soccer club. Sport themed bedroom furniture is also very easy to find on the market.

Last theme is princess. If you decorate your son’s room with princess theme, I guarantee that they won’t sleep in there, so never do that and only decorate your daughter’s room. This theme is very popular as every little girl is dreaming to become a beautiful princess each time. You can also combine this theme with fairytales theme by only taking princess character from fairytale. For example you can take Cinderella, Snow White, and many other princesses.


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