Things to Remember While Designing Small House

tumbleweed 3 267x300 Things to Remember While Designing Small House While owning only a limited space to build the house, many people tends to confuse on designing their house. But actually, designing a small house isn’t that hard, even so there are some things you still need to pay attention to.

First and the most important is to choosing the appropriate locations for most important room, including kitchen, bedrooms, and bathrooms. Some pro home designers suggest that you should out the living room to go between the kitchen and the bathroom. So put the bathroom and kitchen on the end of the house while the living room is located in the middle of those rooms. It is because in small house, cozy and well-organized room is important.

Next tips are to choose only the light and plain color as your house paint. It will help your house looking bigger than the actual size. If you want to use wallpaper instead of paint, choose the wallpaper with minimal patterns on it.

Last tips are to use any available space wisely. And it’s also important when you are purchasing any furniture and other goods. Only bought the one you need to save more space. Otherwise, your small house will get smaller because the furniture is all on the way.

If those tips doesn’t work or after you applied that tips you are still feeling that your house is not big enough, then the only way left is to build a second story. You will get all the space you want by doing so.


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