Tight Budget Tips to Make the Room Look Bigger and Wider

room design22 300x224 Tight Budget Tips to Make the Room Look Bigger and WiderIf you have tight and cramped room, you can always make it look spacious and wider. If you have tight budget to do so, there’s no need to worry. You can change the look inexpensively. Here’re several tips to make you room look bigger:

  • Use bright yet light color. Avoid using dark color because it will make your room seem even more cramped. You can also use soft, pastel color. If you don’t have much money, you don’t even have to repaint all the walls. Just repainting several walls is already enough to change the current look.
  • Use stripes to make the ceiling seem higher. You can change your current wallpaper with stripes wallpaper.
  • You can also use tall lamps to make the ceiling seem higher and the room wider.
  • You can also use dark panel to add wall decoration and enhance lively room atmosphere. Using dark colors for the entire rooms is bad idea, but using it for side panels or small crevices is good.
  • You can place a full body mirror in one of the wall to make the room look bigger. Mirror is certainly a good effect to light up the whole room.

Who says making the room look bigger is costly? If you’re clever and creative, you can enhance our room style at low cost.


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