Tips to Choose Home Flooring

While building a new house, flooring is definitely one thing you’ll need to consider, and that’s not going to be an easy thing to consider as there are many flooring choices these days. Many homeowners even used different flooring on different room in order to fit the room usage.

And here are the types of flooring available in the market today:

  • Carpet

Carpet is one of the most popular flooring choices, the material can be from wool, nylon, polyester, fiber or else which also causing the price varies. Applying carpet to a room would add more warmth and softness to that room, so it’s best to apply carpet flooring on the living room or bedroom.

  • HardWood

Without much saying, hardwood flooring is all about style and beauty of nature. Even so, using hardwood flooring on basement, bathroom or other high moisture is not recommended as of the nature of wood. Mostly, oak, hickory and maple is used to create hardwood flooring. Just remember that hardwood flooring costs a lot as well as need regular maintenance

  • Tile

As far as it goes, Tile becomes the best flooring option of all. It is because it can be applied on any room without much cost as well as maintenance.

Combining those three maybe other types of flooring can maximize the room usage if you apply it on the right room.

Ceramic Tile That Looks Like Wood 300x232 Tips to Choose Home Flooring



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  1. I have 3000 sf I like to put tile look like wood or wood and I like that desinge look like the sun in the front of the front door

    • Yes it looks great doesn’t it!

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