Tips to Cleaning Leather Sofa

cleaning leather sofa 300x201 Tips to Cleaning Leather SofaLeather sofa really takes a lot of effort and time while being cleaned, especially if you don’t hire a professional cleaning service to do the work. But worry not, as there are few tips on this article to clean up your leather sofa properly.

Most problem of leather sofa is the dirt, oils, stains, or soils that penetrate the leather. Those problems would affect the longevity of your sofa if not being cleaned.  If you have a lot of money and don’t want to do the effort, then just contact a professional cleaning service, otherwise, keep reading.

The point to makes your leather sofa’s life time to extend is to do the cleaning and vacuuming regularly. Do not wait until the dust and other stains to build up until more than one month. Because the longer you leave it, the harder it can be cleaned. Once or twice a week would solve the problem.

While cleaning your leather sofa, always use a mild detergent, and wipe it to your sofa tenderly. This process will clean up all stains and oils to maintain your sofa’s suppleness and moisture content so the leather won’t be cracking.

Lastly, if the common mild detergent doesn’t work, buy specific cleaning products. It cost a lot but it worth the price. Just remember to test it before using on the leather sofa. Try to wipe out the back or bottom side of the leather and see what it can do to your leather.


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