Tips to Extend your Carpet’s Lifetime

vacuuming carpet 300x199 Tips to Extend your Carpets LifetimeCarpets or rugs on your house have quite long life usage. Mostly it’s between 1-3 years depends on the material and the condition of the usage. But there are some ways you can do to extend the lifetime of your carpet and rugs so you won’t need to replace it on short time.

As we all know, carpet and rugs mostly placed on living room, even though there are also on other places at home so it really important to extend your carpet’s lifetime as it costs too much to replace all the damaged carpet at the same time.

First thing you can do is to keep your carpet clean by vacuum it regularly, let says once a week to clean up dust, and other dirty things that might contains on the carpet. If you don’t clean it regularly, the air quality of your house will be decreased which can cause disease to you or your family.

Next tip is always clean your carpet whenever you got an accident that cause the carpet had stain on it. It’s not a secret that having little children would make the house all messy, including the carpet. You will get food stain, pee stain, or any other stain that can caused by the children. Cleaning the carpet right away after it got stains will always easier than cleaning later.

Last thing you can do is to hire some professional at cleaning carpet so it can last much longer also lot cleaner as you have new carpets. The cost is indeed expensive, but the result and effects worth the price.


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