Tips For The leather furniture living room

images3 150x150 Tips For The leather furniture living roomDecide to buy furniture leather living room furniture we have chosen the most noble high. Leather lives, breathes, regulates the temperature of the environment, absorbs and wicks moisture.

It also has some peculiarities, such as structure, small scratches, scars and other scars created before the tanning process, which enhances the natural origin. Leather chair or sofa Good are like good wine. As time passes, they have unique characteristics that reflect its unique charm and class. leather furniture is a different breed, that Hale not only colors but also different thickness, softness and texture. The differences are noticeable on your hands.

The semi-aniline leather – leather in the elite – the largest group of aesthetic qualities. They are comfortable, pleasant feeling, very soft and delicate. The semi-aniline leather in possession of the shorter structure of collagen fibers. Leather of its kind in particular recommended flexible, soft furniture, because it exacerbates this effect.

Buff – Leather Supreme operated by the evaluators, with a thickness of 1.3 to 1.5 mm. (Other leather, 0.8-1.0 mm). Its kind of leather is soft and feels close, it is a succinct structure of collagen fibers and thank you for that is durable stretch. Their quality of thickness and quality is why process of wrinkling his group is the slowest, and they are more durable.

Selva leather – these are the types of patent leather, which characterize the state of usable functions and are most often used worldwide in the production of life sets of bedroom furniture. They are available in most colors paletce.

Antique leather – it is a kind of leather its unique structure, which makes his last appearance in the process of hand-d’essuyage – Antiquities. This technology allows us to impact furniture and used for many years. This type of leather is highly recommended for models classis furniture, because they emphasize the rustic character and timeless beauty.

By choosing the color of leather furniture, we usually pay attention to the aesthetic elements, but the specific circumstances must be taken into account. It may be the frequency of use, the presence of small children or pets. Therefore, before you buy, you must pay a certain time to make the right choice of color. The bright colors of leather, and light-colored clothing, are more likely to get dirty faster.

Leather furniture, and the skin on our hands or face, need special care and maintenance. Method and frequency of gambling and protection depend on how the furniture is dirty and how often it is used. Cleaning and maintenance should only be used for special products for the care of leather furniture. Proper care and use of stretch leather furniture in the lives of furniture and an excellent show.

The appearance of pleats, folds and shines a natural process when using combinations of leather furniture. The process depends on the intensity and utilization of quality furniture similar processes occur in these products such as leather jackets, shoes and driver’s seat of the car.

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