Tips to Prevent Peeling Paint of Your Home

Peeling paint will happens to every home no matter what kind of material they used to build the house, whether it’s from wood, wall, steel, and many others, but as long as they are painted, the paint will eventually peeled off.

Most of paint peeling is caused by the weather, as even the most expensive paint will get peeled off after a few years. But what if your paint peeled off by only after a couple of month? Then there is something wrong while painting process.

But do not worry as there are a few tips you can do to prevent the peeling so your paint can last for years. For peeling off paint of wall, the most reason that causing that to happen is because of moulds, well… it is indirectly caused by mould as most people try to remove the mould by spraying mould-releasing oil. After the mould is removed, the oil will still there when they applying paint. The oil will makes the paint can’t stick further to the wall and makes it easier to peeled of even though it’s only a short while.

To solve that problem, after you use the sprayer to remove the mould, it is better to clean it thoroughly with a solvent to remove the oil. Then you can apply the primer coat of paint to your wall. To make it last longer, you can apply the second coating of paint. Hopefully by doing that, your paint will last for at least more than two years, even though it’s exposed to all weather.

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