Tips to Maintain Outdoor Sofa

Some people will certainly put their sofa on the living room, but some other would love to put on the outside of the house. But sofa isn’t meant to be putted on the outdoor as they won’t last longer due to the weather, unlike the outdoor furniture.

But there are types of sofa that are specially made to fit the outdoor usage such as deck or patio, and the price is even less expensive than other outdoor furniture. Even so, this kind of sofa still needs proper way of maintenance to keep it lasting on the outdoor. And here are some tips you can do to protect your outdoor sofa.

  1. Water Proof-Polish; if the sofa you bought has no polishing, then do it by yourself by buying some water proof polish in the store.
  2. Termite Problem; again, you can buy some termites controlling chemical in your store. Commonly, the products come with either paint or spray. It is best to use both of the products.
  3. Pest Problem; rats, dogs, cats, and bugs are the most common animals that found on the inside of the sofa. So, regularly checking the inside of the sofa and using some pest control product on your sofa would solve the problem.
  4. Keep the Sofa Dry; even though you had polished your sofa with water proof polish, you still need to wipe the water out whenever it get wet from the rain, or even from the morning haze. It is better to cover the sofa with plastic when the rain is heavy.

Hopefully, by maintaining your outdoor sofa, it can last much longer so you can enjoy the comfort sofa offers on your beautiful garden.

Outdoor Sofa Chair All Weather Wicker Sectional by Potterybarn 300x265 Tips to Maintain Outdoor Sofa

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