Tips to Use Paper Lantern on the Garden

Most people found out that using paper lanterns on their garden would be the best idea on saving energy. Beside that reason, using paper lantern also adds more style to your garden thanks to the dim light it produces. Even so, there are some things you need to be aware of while using paper lanterns on your garden.

Paper lanterns mostly made out only from paper and some bamboo pattern that build the shape. The fire will light in the middle of the lantern. While handling fire, there are always huge possibilities of accident, that’s why you must to be very cautious while using paper lanterns.

paper lantern 300x201 Tips to Use Paper Lantern on the Garden

Children and animals are the most dangerous threat of the paper lantern. So in order to prevent any accident to occurred, you have to make your children and pets away from the lantern. You can put the lantern up high where neither children nor pet can reach it, so it’s safer that way.

While hanging the lantern up high, you have to be cautious that you are not placing it near to any open electric wires, which can be very dangerous. And you also never put the paper lantern in the wide open area that is too airy. The wind can move up the lantern and it also can make the fire bigger.

Nevertheless, using paper lantern to light up your garden is a wonderful idea to do, but you just need to be cautious while using it.


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