Use Water-based Latex Paint to Preserve Your Health and Environment

In the past, almost all paints on the market are including VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) on them. This chemical can cause ozone depletion and will lead to global warming. But since the development on technology and people’s awareness, you can easily find environment-friendly paints that not contain VOC these days.

Even though this non-VOC paint are safe for both our health and environment, this kind of paint is not better than the regular paint that contains VOC. Mostly, it needs numerous coats of non-VOC paint to get the same result of regular paints.

But you can solve that problem with using water-based latex paint instead of common environment friendly paint. Water based Latex paint contains acrylic resin which functions as a binder, and since its water based, it must be friendly for environment.

And since people are becoming more aware of their health and environment, water-based latex paint has been widely used to replace the regular paint that contains VOC, even though the result is still not the same as water-based latex paint is easier to causing rust if applied on iron material, such as your fence.

water based latex paint 168x300 Use Water based Latex Paint to Preserve Your Health and Environment

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